The same meat and dairy you are familiar with, produced in an animal and planet-friendly way

Global demand for meat and dairy is expected to increase in the coming decades.  Given the impact caused by current agriculture practices, there is a lot of attention on alternative proteins. Cellular Agriculture refers to a collection of promising innovative technologies by which meat and dairy products can be made from cells in an animal and planet-friendly way.


About us

We are a consortium of entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, pioneers, and food lovers who see cellular agriculture as a powerful tool to make our food system more sustainable while maintaining the delicious, safe, and nutritious meat and dairy products people enjoy. Together, we developed a Growth Plan to lift the Netherlands up as the global leader in cellular agriculture and to maximize the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of this promising technology.


"It grows, sears and tastes like meat. Logical, because cultured meat is meat. It is already on the menu elsewhere in the world. But where is the Netherlands, the cradle of this invention?"    De Telegraaf, January 29, 2022


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