About us

The CAN Foundation (CANS) was founded in 2021. According to the statutes, this foundation aims to stimulate CA in the Netherlands and worldwide. CANS raises funds for this.

The (adjusted) growth plan is an important step on this road. The foundation will

  • Implement the amended Growth Plan lawfully and efficiently
  • Contribute to knowledge exchange and information within the CA sector
  • Implement the exit strategy for the sector to stand on its own feet


The foundation aims to build a full-fledged ecosystem for cellular agriculture, with five pillars:

  1. Education: providing relevant programmes at mo/hbo/wo level
  2. Research: stimulating public knowledge development
  3. Scale-up: Making public scale-up facilities available
  4. Societal embedding: Promoting social integration and stimulating citizens, farmers and cities to actively take part
  5. Innovation: Supporting start-ups in their establishment and further trajectory


The foundation was established on behalf of the following 13 parties:

The Board of the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation (CANS) consists of the following persons:

  • Maresa Oosterman, chairman
  • Cindy Gerhardt, secretary
  • Tim van de Rijdt, treasurer
  • Cor van der Weele, founder of the foundation
  • Will van den Tweel
  • Ira van Eelen
  • Marcel Ottens

Cellular Agriculture Community

The CA community is growing steadily. At the moment, 38 organizations take part in the community. Together they are committed to the Dutch CA sector.

Join community

We cordially invite organizations that are or want to be active in the CA sector to become part of the community. You can join the community under the following conditions:

  • The CA foundation board agrees
  • The candidate has no conflicting interests with the foundation
  • The candidate knows the plan and agrees with it
  • There is a contact person

For more information about joining, we would like to invite you for a (digital) cup of coffee. Leave your details here and someone from the board will contact you quickly.