Our consortium currently consists of more than twenty-five people representing a variety of entities. In 2021, the consortium established the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation as its legal representative.  The aim of the foundation is to support and propagate cellular agriculture by implementing the National Growth Plan for Cellular Agriculture.


This plan has received support from a further 40 institutions and companies. 


The Board of the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation (CANF) consists of the following persons:

  • Will van den Tweel
  • Cindy Gerhardt
  • Cor van der Weele
  • Ira van Eelen
  • Maresa Oosterman
  • Marcel Ottens
  • Tim van de Rijdt
  • Cor van der Weele

The Foundation will achieve its goal by building a fully-fledged cellular agriculture ecosystem on five pillars:

  1. education: offering relevant training at MO/HBO/WO level
  2. research: stimulating public knowledge development,
  3. building scaling up accessible facilities,
  4. promoting social integration of consumers, farmers or cities considering cellular agriculture as an option,
  5. accelerating innovation by supporting start-ups that establish themselves here and thrive as scale-ups.